Vincent Park is an approximately six acre park located in the southern portion of Richmond’s Marina Bay. This park is a popular kayak launch due to the numerous amenities and it’s proximity to Brooks Island and other nearby destinations. The site is also a popular windsurfing launch due to the ideal wind direction and frequency.

Vincent Park is also part of the Rosie the Riveter / WWII Home Front National Historical Park.

Boat Facilities

There are three water access locations within the park: 1) a small beach launch accessed from an ADA path, located immediately south of the parking lot; 2) concrete stairs that lead to water in the central portion of the park shoreline; and, 3) a beach launch accessed from an ADA path, located in the southwestern portion of the park.


From I-580, take the Marina Bay Parkway exit and turn onto Marina Bay Parkway. Follow this route for approximately 1.5 miles. Marina Bay Parkway turns into Peninsula Drive. Vincent Park is located at the end of Peninsula drive.


Free parking is available in a large lot with 38 spaces, including two van-accessible ADA spaces. Parking can be full on busy weekends.


There are ADA restrooms with running water.


Vincent Park provides a variety of other amenities that make the site a good launch for non-motorized small boats. ADA-accessible restrooms (1 male, 1 female) are located near the parking area. The park also offers picnic tables with BBQ pits, a large grass lawn, a playground and benches that offer stunning views of Brooks Island and the San Francisco Bay.


Vincent Park provides a variety of accessible features including two parking spaces, ADA restrooms, paved path of travel, and picnic tables. Both of the beach launches provide a concrete beach access route across the sand to the approximate high-tide line.

Safety Tips

The Santa Fe Channel is a busy shipping channel and the Richmond Marina is popular with recreational sail and motor boaters, so small boaters must be aware of larger ships and avoid collisions.

The riprap that comprises the shoreline can be hazardous for boardsailors that get stuck too far inshore and are unable to tack back to the launch, as such this launch should be used by experienced boardsailors only.

Wildlife Tips

The Albany Mudflats Ecological Reserve / State Marine Park, an important feeding ground for a variety of shorebirds and waterfowl, is located approximately 1.7 miles to the southeast. Due to the potential to get stranded and for sensitive habitat considerations, paddlers are not allowed to enter this area.

In addition, Brooks Island is approximately one mile south of the site. Brooks Island contains 18 species of nesting birds, including herons, gulls, and terns. Brooks Island is also home to a secondary harbor seal haul-out site. Access to Brooks Island is only allowed seasonally on the western sandspit of the Island or as part of a scheduled East Bay Regional Park District naturalist tour. Trips to Brooks Island can be scheduled through EBRPD Reservations Department.

Trailhead Photos