Project Management Team

The Water Trail Project Management Team has representation from four state and regional agencies with mandates to act in the public interest for the entire San Francisco Bay Area: State Coastal Conservancy (Lead Agency); Bay Conservation and Development Commission; Association of Bay Area Governments / Metropolitan Transportation Commission; and, California State Parks, Division of Boating and Waterways.

The Project Management Team is responsible for trail implementation and governance tasks – developing trail projects; making recommendations on trail design and management; designating trailheads; prioritizing and determining project and program objectives, work plans, and funding; and amending the Water Trail plan and policies as needed.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides representatives of trail-related interests that provides regular guidance on the trailhead designation. Its membership represents a broad set of interests including:

  • the needs and interests of human-powered boaters and user of beachable sailcraft;
  • different types of shoreline managers and owners who provide access to the Bay;
  • wildlife and habitat protection interests and expertise;
  • personal and navigational safety and security;
  • environmental outreach, education, and stewardship expertise;
  • interests of and expertise on accessibility for persons with disabilities; and,
  • businesses with trail-related interests.

Stakeholder Group

The Stakeholder Group includes all interested agencies, organizations, and individuals who wish to stay informed about and be involved in Water Trail implementation. Included in this group are any experts on trail-related issues who are not already part of the Advisory Committee and members of the public interested in the implementation of the trail. The stakeholders’ primary role is to participate in trail meetings and discussions, and provide input at their discretion. Water Trail staff maintain an updated mailing list of stakeholders – please contact us if you would like to be put on the Water Trail mailing list.

Bay Area Trails Collaborative

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail is part of the Bay Area Trails Collaborative (BATC) – a group of more than 50 member organizations, businesses, and agencies working together to complete a 2,600-mile trail network linking the region’s nine counties. Explore this interactive map to learn more about the regional trail network and the Bay Area Trails Collaborative.