The Redwood City Municipal Marina provides access to Redwood Creek, the sloughs of Bair Island Ecological Reserve, and open waters of the Bay. The marina is a popular launch in the South Bay, featuring free parking, picnic areas, boat storage, restrooms, and other amenities.

Boat Facilities

Boat launch facilities consist of a corrugated cement boat ramp with two high-freeboard docks located on the sides of the ramp. The high-freeboard docks are made of composite and are in good condition. The site is designed primarily for larger trailered boats, but is used by many different boat types. Ample free parking is available as well as accessible restrooms, a picnic area, and boat storage.


The Redwood City Municipal Marina is located at the end of Chesapeake Drive, in the southwestern portion of the Port of Redwood City. From Highway 101, exit at Seaport Boulevard and head east towards the Port. Turn left onto Chesapeake Drive, and the boat launch is located at the end of the road.


Free parking is available in a large lot west of the site and a smaller lot located next to the marina offices. Parking for boat trailers is allowed for up to 72 consecutive hours. The parking area has 5 ADA spaces.


There are accessible restrooms with running water within the marina offices, located just south of the launch ramp and docks.


The site has ample parking and access to a variety of nearby amenities. A picnic area is located adjacent to the marina offices. The area contains four picnic tables, set among a grass lawn and trees. Trash cans and recycling bins are provided at the picnic area and outside the restrooms.

A public boat storage facility is located at the west end of the parking area, approximately 350 feet from the launch. The storage is managed by the Sequoia Yacht Club. The area is lighted and provides boat storage behind a locked gate.


The docks and ramp are not currently ADA accessible.  The shoreside facilities include a path of travel (not marked), sidewalks, restroom, and parking that all appear to be ADA accessible and well maintained.

Safety Tips

Redwood Marina is a popular boat launch and can be crowded with motorized and non-motorized boats. Please be respectful and courteous to your fellow boaters. Navigation rules to not give human-powered boats right-of-way over powerboats or sailboats. All boats are obligated to make early and substantial course changes to avoid risk of collision.

Large ships regularly enter the mouth of Redwood Creek to docks within the Port of Redwood City, located approximately 0.75 miles east of the Marina. Redwood Creek is an active commercial shipping channel, so boaters need to be cautious to avoid the barges and other large ships that frequent the area. Propeller wash can cause dangerous, unstable conditions, even at a distance. If boaters are in the channel when ships are operating, they need to give ships the right of way and a wide berth.

Wildlife Considerations

The Redwood City Municipal Marina is located on Redwood Creek adjacent to the Bair Island Ecological Reserve. Bair Island is composed of three islands: Inner, Middle and Outer, totaling approximately 3,000 acres of former salt ponds. A large portion of the islands have been restored to tidal wetlands. Bair Island is divided into three parts, with Outer Bair Island along the Bay shoreline separated from Middle Bair Island by Corkscrew Slough and Middle Bair separated from Inner Bair Island by Smith Slough. Paddlers should stay on Redwood Creek, Corkscrew Slough, Smith Slough, and the open water of the Bay – please do not enter smaller sloughs within Bair Island Ecological Reserve.

Sensitive species known to occur within Bair Island include Ridgway’s rail, black rail, salt marsh harvest mouse, and harbor seals. Please maintain Water Trail recommended buffer distances from wildlife. If you notice a species changing its behavior, you are too close.

Trailhead Photos