The Main Street boat dock is located on the beautiful Napa River in front of Napa’s Riverfront Development. The dock, gives paddlers and rowers on the Napa River a chance to disembark and explore the restaurant, shops, and hotels in downtown Napa. After dining and shopping in Napa, continue your journey along the river, enjoying views of the surrounding hills and glimpses of wildlife.

Boat Facilities

The dock is a high-freeboard dock with an additional low-freeboard dock in place from April to October. There are nine cleats for non-motorized boaters to tie up to located on the western (or flood wall) side of the dock. The gate is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily and there is a three hour limit for mooring. Overnight mooring is currently not allowed but this may change in the future.

Directions and Parking

This is a destination site and it is expected that boaters will launch elsewhere along the Napa River and disembark at this site.


There are accessible, public restrooms located in downtown Napa, with the nearest located in front of the Napa General Store (head south from the dock).


From the dock there is easy access to the restaurant, shops, and hotels in downtown Napa.


The dock, gangway, and path of travel are accessible. In the summer months there is a low-float kayak dock with rails to assist persons getting into and out of their watercraft. The gangway is approximately 112 feet long with two resting platforms.

Safety Tips

The Downtown Dock is utilized by motorized and non-motorized small boats. Non-motorized small boaters need to be aware of larger boats coming into the dock and on the river and try to stay along the sides of the river and out of the main channel when there is heavier boat traffic.

The Napa River is tidal and currents can be strong, particularly in the winter.

Wildlife Tips

The Napa River offers ample opportunities for wildlife viewing, with chances to see a wide variety of birds, river otters, and even the occasional harbor porpoise. Marshes found along the Napa River are habitat for sensitive species, including Ridgway’s rail. To protect marsh species boaters should avoid landing in marshes and stay out of narrow sloughs. The Water Trail recommends boaters maintain a buffer distance of 50 feet from Ridgway’s rail habitat.

Trailhead Photos