Crane Cove Park is San Francisco’s newest launch and destination for paddlers, providing convenient access for exploration of the scenic southern San Francisco waterfront. Opened in 2020, the Park’s wide, sandy beach is ideal for lighter watercraft, such as kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards.

Boat Facilities

Crane Cove Park’s sandy beach provides a stable launch for lighter watercraft, such as kayaks, canoes, sculls, and stand-up paddleboards. The beach is sheltered within a cove that limits waves and winds. A firm surface mat provides access across the beach from the Bay Trail down to the water. A boat drop-off is located adjacent to the top of the beach and craft can be set on the grass lawn for staging prior to a paddle. The boat drop-off area is accessed by entering the driveway at the intersection of Illinois Street and 18th Street.


Crane Cove Park is located in the Central Waterfront, generally between 19th Street and Mariposa Street east of Illinois Street, in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.

Crane Cove Park is accessible from a variety of public transportation options, including the T-Line that runs along 3rd Street and has a stop a half block from the park. Additionally, the Bay Trail runs through the park.


The primary parking area will be located on 19th Street, which will provide approximately 160 spaces, including van accessible ADA spaces. Free or paid parking is also available on surrounding neighborhood streets. Parking can be difficult depending on the season and if there is a Warrior’s or Giant’s game. Users bringing in their own boats may need to use the boat drop-off area and park elsewhere.


Portable ADA restrooms are located adjacent to Building 49, located centrally in the park. The restrooms are open during daylight hours.


Crane Cove Park offers 7 acres of lawns, benches, pathways, and interpretive history. Food and drink are available from The Ramp restaurant, located adjacent to the north of the beach, and there are several other restaurants and cafes within short walking distance of the park. An aquatic center and additional concessions are planned for a later phase of park development.


Crane Cove Park has been designed to provide a high quality, accessible experience. The park provides ADA access to and across the sandy beach, with firm surface mats placed across the sand to provide ADA access to the high tide line. Upland accessible features include ADA portable restrooms, trails, and picnic tables.

Safety Tips

Always know the tides, current, and weather forecast prior to paddling and take care to stay within your skill level. Winds and currents on the Bay can be strong and can change quickly.

The San Francisco Waterfront is an active port and many ships of all sizes frequent the waters offshore including marine industrial activities that operate near Crane Cove Park. Small boat operators should maintain a minimum 300-foot buffer from the dry docks and maritime activities that are located to the east of the beach. The Port of San Francisco has placed buoys and boaters are required to stay on the shoreside of these markers. Boaters also need to be aware when other recreational boats, barges, and tugboats are in transit. Ships need lots of room to maneuver and long distances to stop. On large marine vessels, propeller wash can cause dangerous, unstable conditions, even at a distance.

During the wet weather season, when heavy rain can cause runoff that may contain higher levels of bacteria, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission monitors beaches where people may contact Bay water to determine whether bacterial water quality poses a health risk. In some cases, notices are posted and/or beaches are closed based on those reports. More information about that program is available online.

Trailhead Photos