Baywinds Park (formerly known as East Third Avenue) is a world-class windsurfing and kiteboarding destination. Consistent winds and recently upgraded parking, restrooms, and rigging areas, make Baywinds one of the most popular sites for kiteboarders and windsurfers in the Bay Area.

Boat Facilities

Water access facilities at the site cater towards windsurfers and kiteboarders, and include a large rigging area, washdown station, and concession area for boardsailing instruction and rentals.

Access to the water occurs at three primary locations in the park. The primary access into to the Bay is by a steep water entry path in the northern portion of Baywinds Park, near a large astroturf staging area. Access to the water is also available to the south of the park, where a ramp provides access to a small sandy beach.

Approximately 0.3 mile from the parking area along the Bay Trail, kiteboarders often access a small beach where wind conditions are more consistent and access is safer for novice kiteboarders. This beach is rapidly eroding and if nothing is done, the beach may be gone in the next several years.

The City of Foster City recently completed numerous improvements to the shoreside facilities in collaboration with members of the boardsailing community. These improvements include a large paved parking lot, ADA restrooms, a large astroturf rigging area, artificial lawn, and benches.


Baywinds Park is located at 30 Lakeside Drive in Foster City. From US 101, take exit 416 for 3rd Avenue. Take 3rd Avenue east and make a left onto Lakeside Drive. The parking lot is at the end of Lakeside Drive.

From Highway 92, take exit 14B for Foster City Boulevard. Turn left onto Foster City Boulevard, then left onto East 3rd Avenue and a right onto Lakeside Drive. The parking lot is at the end of Lakeside Drive

AC Transit Bus M has a bus stop on Velocity Way and Vintage Park Drive, located approximately half a mile away.


The onsite parking includes approximately 70 public parking spaces, including six ADA spaces.


Baywinds Park provides public ADA restrooms with faucets and flush toilets.


Baywinds Park contains benches, turf lawns, a popular segment of the Bay Trail, trash/recycling receptacles, and educational signs.

A boardsailing concessionaire is located adjacent to the rigging area near the parking lot.


Baywinds Park was recently redisigned to include a variety of accessible features including parking, restrooms, benches, and access to paved segments the Bay Trail.

Water access consists of steep ramps to the water, so is generally not accessible.

Safety Tips

Winds and currents on the Bay can be strong; boardsailors and paddlers need to ensure that they stay within their skill level.

Emergency situations at the site are relatively rare, despite the high number of users. Boarders typically will help each other out when someone experiences equipment malfunctions or other issues. The site is regularly patrolled by the Foster City Fire Department and the US Coast Guard is also known to have prompt response times in the area. Long-time users report feeling very good about emergency response times in case of emergency.

Wildlife Tips

Kiteboarders and windsurfers should maintain distance from wildlife while on the water and avoid approaching or disturbing rafting birds. Additionally, sensitive habitats occur near the Upper Beach Launch so boarders should be sure to stay on beach and mudflat areas when launching.

Trailhead Photos