The Antioch Marina is popular with kayakers and canoers for its diverse paddling experiences and exceptional bird watching. The Antioch Marina serves both motorized and non-motorized boat users, providing access to the San Joaquin River, near its confluence with the Sacramento River.

Boat Facilities

The Antioch Marina provides access for non-motorized small boaters from several locations, but the primary launch is the recently constructed Boat Launch in the eastern portion of the marina.  Boat Launch facilities consist of two corrugated cement boat ramps with three high-freeboard docks located on the sides of the ramps. The high-freeboard docks are made of composite and extend approximately 150 feet. The southernmost dock is used most by non-motorized small boats, where a Water Trail Grant-funded low-freeboard dock attachment was installed into the sheltered water on the south side of the dock.  This dock also has tie-offs for kayaks.

The public can also launch or land at the Restaurant Guest Dock, which is located on the San Joaquin River north of the marina.

With prior arrangement or stopping at the Marina offices, the docks within the gated marina can also be utilized. The Marina also offers paid public boat storage within the Marina.


The Antioch Marina is one mile north of the intersection of Highway 4 and “L” Street in downtown Antioch. Highway 4 runs east and west and provides the primary main access to and from the Marina. Off-ramps at Autocenter Drive, “L” Street, and “A” Street all provide access to the Marina via Fourth and Second Streets and are clearly signed with directions to the Marina.


There is a large surface parking lot of approximately 180 vehicle spaces and 80 spaces for vehicles with trailers. There are 12 ADA parking spaces.

Ample parking is available in large lots at the site, and is allowed for up to 72 consecutive hours.


There are ADA restrooms near the Boat Launch. Additional public restrooms are located near the marina offices.


The Antioch Marina has ample parking and access to a variety of amenities, including a restaurant (currently vacant but undergoing renovations and scheduled to open in 2018), walking paths, picnic areas, grassy lawns, and restrooms. Walking paths within the marina connect to paths within the adjacent Dow Wetlands, providing miles of hiking through varied habitats.


The Boat Ramp and path of travel appear to be accessible from ADA parking spaces located throughout the marina parking lots. The restrooms near the boat launch are ADA accessible.

Safety Tips

Hunting occurs in nearby wetlands October to February. Small craft should be cautious and avoid the barges and other large ships that frequent the shipping lanes along the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Cargo ships, motorized boats, and sailboats are regularly moving along the rivers, so small non-motorized boats need to take caution to avoid these vessels.

Winds and currents can be strong; paddlers need to take care to stay within their skill level.

Wildlife Considerations

Birdwatching from the Antioch Marina is excellent with opportunities to see a wide variety of birds including great blue herons, great egrets, snowy egrets, green herons and white-faced ibis.

Extensive marshes known to contain sensitive species and habitats occur on islands and along the shoreline of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers in the vicinity of the Antioch Marina. The Antioch Marina is directly adjacent to the 200-acre Dow Wetlands Preserve. The Preserve has undergone substantial restoration and is accessible by kayak from the San Joaquin River. Paddlers are allowed to land on a dock within the preserve.


Trailhead Photos