Keller Beach



The wide sandy beach and numerous site amenities make Keller Beach an ideal destination and/or intermediate stopping point during a longer paddle. The sandy beach provides beautiful views across the Bay. Facilities at Keller Beach include numerous picnic areas, benches, restrooms, drinking fountains, a shower tower, and BBQ pits.

Keller Beach is likely to be utilized primarily as a destination site due to the distance and steep path of travel from the parking area to the beach.

Boat Facilities

Boaters launch/land from a wide sandy beach. Due to the distance from the parking area, boaters seeking to launch from this beach may want to bring wheeled kayak dollies to help get their boats and boards from the parking area to the beach.


Parking is located along Dornan Drive just through the west end of the tunnel.

The 72M bus line stops at South Garrard Boulevard and West Cutting Boulevard, approximately 0.5 miles to the north of Keller Beach.



Parking is roadside along Dornan Drive. The road is quite wide, with ample room for parking on most days. Parking is allowed between 5am to 10pm. No overnight parking is allowed.


The park contains 1 female and 1 male restroom with stalls.


Facilities at Keller Beach include numerous picnic areas, benches, restrooms, drinking fountains, a shower tower, and BBQ pits.


The beach and landside facilities are not ADA accessible. There is a paved path from the parking area to the beach; however, the slope is quite steep and appears to exceed ADA standards.

Safety Tips

There is a 300-foot security exclusion zone around the Chevron Long Wharf, located approximately one mile away from Keller Beach. Water Trail signage will emphasize that users need to be aware of the security exclusion zone, as well as nearby ferry routes, shipping channels, and larger boats further offshore.

Keller beach is tested for bacterial levels weekly from April to October and twice a month from November to March. The East Bay Regional Park District works with the Contra Costa County Environmental Health Department in accordance with California Department of Public Health’s “Guidance for Salt Water Beaches” to determine water quality at Keller Beach.

Wildlife Tips

Castro Rocks is one of the largest harbor seal pupping sites in San Francisco Bay and is located approximately 2 miles from Keller Beach, under the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Red Rock Island is a secondary harbor seal haul-out site that is approximately three miles from Keller Beach. There are other primary haul-out sites at Bluff Point in Tiburon and at Angel Island State Park, both located approximately four miles away from Ferry Point. Brooks Island is home to nesting birds and is also home to a secondary harbor seal haul-out site. Access to Brooks Island is only allowed by reservation on a guided trip with EBRPD.

Trailhead Photos