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Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

Kayaker in a wheelchair getting into her kayak on the beach

Kayaker at Schoonmaker Beach, by Environmental Traveling Companions

Accessibility Resources

The Water Trail program has developed a programmatic Water Trail Accessibility Plan that provides a blue print for how to make the Water Trail program, when viewed in its entirety, accessible to persons with disabilities. The final Accessibility Plan was released in January 2015.

Issues and Recommendations for Improved Accessibility, by Beneficial Designs

Issues and Recommendations for Improved Accessibility was developed by Beneficial Designs in 2013 for the State Coastal Conservancy under contract to GPPA Architects. This report examines and discusses the accessibility issues of five fairly typical launch sites, followed by recommendations for improved accessibility: high float docks, low float docks, boat launch piers, low-bank sandy beaches (both exposed and sheltered), and steep-bank launches. Please note this report is being shared as a resource for public use and not as an opinion or endorsed policy of the Water Trail.