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aerial view of the Ford Building

Historic Ford Building by Cris Benton

Richmond’s Historic Waterfront

Is there a better way to connect to San Francisco Bay’s nautical past than by arriving at historical sites by boat? Learn about the Bay’s maritime history while exploring historical ships, touring art studios, and visiting museums in historical buildings – all set to the gorgeous backdrop of San Francisco Bay. There are many more sites to discover than are listed here. Grab a paddle and explore!


Sunset view from Vincent Park, Richmond

View from Vincent Park, Richmond

During World War II Richmond had the nation’s largest shipbuilding operation and 55 other war industries. The Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park was created to tell the story of these home-front efforts. There are many historical sites found along the Richmond shoreline to visit, all with gorgeous views of the Bay. Highlights include touring the SS Red Oak Victory, launched in 1944. The ship was used in World War II, and the Vietnam and Korean wars, and is the only ship operated by both military and civilian personnel during her career. The Ford Assembly Plant, located near Sheridan Observation Point, is another historical stop along the Richmond shoreline. The Ford Plant was one of only three tank depots in the United States that processed combat vehicles used in WWII.

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