The Bay Area is a world-class destination for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Consistent winds, particularly from March to October, provide ideal conditions for those seeking the speed and thrills of sailing just above the waters surface. During these summer months, the temperature gradient between the cooler coast and the warmer inland areas results in a pressure gradient that drives the wind through the Bay resulting in opportunities to sail almost every day.

Due to the power and speeds generated by the winds, boardsailing can be dangerous.  It is strongly recommended that you take a lesson and are informed as to all safety procedures before participating in boardsailing. Following all local guidelines and being courteous to other members of the public will help to protect personal and public safety and ensure continued use of existing launches. The sites listed below are those that are currently designated as part of the SF Bay Area Water Trail, and are used for boardsailing activities.

Designated SF Bay Water Trailheads used for boardsailing

Additional Information/Resources

San Francisco Boardsailing Association website has detailed information on other top Bay Area boardsailing locations, links to vendor/instructors, and additional resources.